Hiatus Explanation

Hiatus Explanation

I’m back!

After a very long and unexplained absence, I have decided to come back to my blog. Several things have prevented me from writing for a long time, but I have decided enough is enough, and I want to get back to doing this regularly.

One of the main issues I’ve had is having a full-on, full-time job with a couple of side projects which means my spare time is either spent typing on my laptop like a frantic maniac or trying out the new bars and restaurants that have sprung up in Birmingham since I’ve been away.

Another issue that I have had was quite hard to swallow. I absolutely loved writing about my trip and all the beautiful places I visited. Unfortunately, since being home I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to maintain an active travel blog when you are not travelling regularly. While I am all too happy to share photos and experiences of my upcoming trip to Taiwan – it won’t be nearly enough to maintain a platform.

I started thinking about other things that I love and my main, number two love after travel would have to be fashion. There’s no better feeling than piecing together a perfect outfit and feeling like a complete queen (although of course, everyone can be a queen, even in socks and sandals). I have therefore decided that this is going to be the main theme of this blog for the foreseeable future, along with other fun lifestyle things like how to make peanut butter balls (because peanut butter would probably come in third on the love list.)

I have also now launched my You Tube channel which you can find here:


As always, lots of love and thanks for reading!