Hello world!

World1It’s not often that I like to keep a pre-determined tagline, but this is a good’en. I decided to start this blog because I love reading about other peoples experiences and how they cope with the daily joys and challenges of travel (and life in general.)I LOVE writing about mine, but keeping my travel tales locked in a journal sitting at the bottom of my much-hated rucksack isn’t really helpful for anyone (except myself in ten years time when I reach for it to remind myself about the good ole days.) SO – I’ve decided to publish them, because who doesn’t want a little help here and there along the way?

Need to know which taxi company where is best? I got ya. Need to know which restaurants food gave me the worst stomach cramps ever experienced? I got ya. Best beaches, bars and swimming spots? I got ya. So sit back, relax, and enjoy my weird little blog and explore the world with me from your sofa (or bed or seat on the train…. You get the gist…)



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